Small  Course Packages

At a great price, you can get our confidence-building program and professional tutors. Practice assessments and a detailed progress plan are included in all classes


Program Features

  • Available in 12, 24, or 36 hours of instruction.
  • Includes 5 full-length official practice tests, proctored live, online (additional available upon request).
  • Each practice test comes with an 8-page score report.
  • Access to unlimited SAT/ACT prep videos.
  • Taught by an expert, professional tutor with years of experience helping students achieve their goal score.

Why Academy  Tutors Courses?

Our group tutoring offers a fantastic value. With our proven, score boosting curriculum and a class in a small group format of up to 8 students max, you’ll receive expert attention. Each course comes with practice tests, and a personalized comprehensive improvement plan. See the difference!