Refund and Cancellation Policies

  1. If the student is unable to start class, a 100% program refund can be requested but no less than 4 weeks from the program start date. If the student has not requested a refund prior to 4 weeks from the course start date, refunds are not applicable. The refund request must be in writing and sent to:
  2. Once lessons have begun payment is non-refundable.  SUBJECT ACADEMY does not, under any circumstance, give cash refunds to students who do not or cannot finish the program for which they have registered.
  3. Refunds will be issues within 24 to 48hrs after notifying on email, will be process via same payment method, that is Stripe or PayPal. Student will receive the complete amount within 5 to 7 business working days.
  4. It is the student’s responsibility to comply with the established schedule.
  5. A complete no-show results in the loss of class.

Rescheduling private classes

The rescheduling of online private classes is possible; however, keeping in mind the goal of globally maintaining a high-quality service, and in consideration of the detailed scheduling facilitated by our Academic Department, SUBJECT ACADEMY permits the rescheduling of one class per month. In order to reschedule, the student must:

  1. Notify your teacher by email within 24-hours of your class start time; notification less than 24-hours is not valid and results in loss of the class.
  2.  Rescheduled classes must occur within the confirmed course dates and ideally be rescheduled during the same week of cancellation; rescheduling requests must be sent in writing to and arranged with your respective teacher.

Suspension of private classes

If once the program initiates the student wants to suspend classes, the suspension can span no more than 4 weeks; we allow only 1 suspension request per course. Kindly note that upon restarting the class schedule may vary due to professor availability. In the case the student cannot restart classes within the maximum 4-week suspension timeframe, the program will be terminated without refund.  Suspension of studies requests must be sent in writing.

Policies for group class cancellation

  1. In group classes a no-show results in the loss of class; make-ups are not possible. The student can still access the didactic material available in the SUBJECT ACADEMY virtual campus platform.
  2. In the case of two absences or two late arrivals per month, the Academic Department recommends tutor sessions to catch up with the group; the additional cost is $20 per hour. Should the student not do so and demonstrates a lack of knowledge in the group class sessions, this measured by not knowing the material presented during the missed class time, SUBJECT ACADEMY may deny student access without refund, this so as not to affect the academic progress of the other classmates.
  3. If a student arrives late to a group class it is at the discretion of the professor at which point to connect the tardy student to the class, whether immediately or waiting until a group activity already-in-progress has finished.
  4. The student must follow the agreed upon class schedule. Only holidays established in the Costa Rican calendar will be off days for students.
  5. There is a minimum of 2 students per group and a maximum of 8 students. Group programs admit students in any period of the course duration; new students must take a placement test to verify their level.
  6. In the event that only one student remains in the class due to the withdrawal of other students, the group program will be automatically converted to a private program, thus the duration of the course will be reduced and the number of hours of classes will be established according to the SUBJECT ACADEMY private course pricing. The content of the course will be adjusted to the new course duration.

By starting your first class, you hereby confirm to have read the general & cancellation policies and confirm to be in agreement with such.