Work on your goals whenever you like.

The most effective teachers have the greatest impact. Our engaging, skilled tutors work with your child one-on-one to set goals, provide guidance, and help them achieve their full potential.

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The Academy Tutors Method

Since it is built on four key pillars – trained tutors, academic advisors, growth mentality, and parent updates – it is the most powerful tutoring system available.

Professional Tutors

While most tutoring agencies employ part-time tutors, we hire full-time, experienced tutors who ensure that their students develop ability and trust rather than being reliant on tutors.

Mindset for Growth

Academic Advisors

Parents and counsellors should contact our Academic Advisors for the most up-to-date information. They supervise the tutoring process by assisting with goal-setting and then measuring the tutoring’s effectiveness.

Growth Mindset

Academy tutors are prepared to help students build a Growth Mindset, which allows them to accept the concept that academic achievement is dependent on a confidence in one’s ability to improve and being challenged by hard work and effort

Parent Updates

Every week, your child’s tutor will send you a video update detailing their success and future goals. Your Academic Advisor will review these updates on a regular basis to ensure that your child is on track to meet his or her goals.

Program Features

  • Live online sessions with an amazing private tutor in one or more subjects of your choice, providing the most individualized instruction with proven results.
  • Your child will get the same professional tutor for all sessions, developing a strong level of engagement and familiarity.
  • Fully customized schedule based on your availability, giving you the most flexibility, even for the busiest of families.
  • Our professional tutors are experts at engaging your child to drive the best results.